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How to Instantly Share Your Blogposts Across the Web

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |

2 years ago, I started writing in public. First on '200 Words a Day' (now sadly disontinued); a digital community of people trying to keep up "writing at least 200 words per day", every day. After that, I started writing on Medium, which is a blogging platform. Then a little later, when I felt I could rationalize to myself the work of building a website with webflow, I started on my blog.

What channel? All channels!

What I noticed posting on separate channels, is that different people hang out in various communities. 

But these communities don't necessarily overlap. So some of my acquaintances, friends and family wouldn't see my Twitter posts, while others only saw what I posted on LinkedIn

(Btw, I don't have Facebook or Instagram, so that is why there's nothing for me to talk about.)

This fragmentation of communities is no problem, of course. Everyone hangs out where they want to. But I did feel I wanted to reach some more people with my blog posts. And seeing my blog was new, it had not yet had the opportunity to rank in Google.

So I set out to post my articles on separate channels by hand, which quickly turns into a repetitive chore. I don't like tedious tasks, which is why I automated the process — the details of which you can find below. 

In this article, I talk about what I automated, what tools I used, and how I set up the process automation. 

Hopefully, you can use it for your processes!

Automation overview

For every blog post I publish on my blog, I have automated a few steps:

In Integromat:

  • Retrieve last published Article from Webflow
  • Search in an Airtable base if the article has already been published and shared before.
  • Extract the Category-ID of the article from the Webflow-object and map it to the right Category.
  • Check to which secondary flow (after the 'Router in Integromat) the article belongs.
  • Share the article on Twitter
  • Share the article on LinkedIn
  • Publish the article on 200-Words-a-Day
  • Retrieve the 200-Words-a-Day article URL
  • Save all article data in a 'Published Posts' table in Airtable

In Zapier:

  • Publish the article on Medium by retrieving the article data from Airtable

The Tools

Integromat - "... is the glue of the internet." As they say. And this is undoubtedly true. You can go as detailed with your process automation as you want here, all without writing code.

Zapier - No glue but equal in impact. (Maybe the duct tape of the internet?) Zapier sports the most extensive (1500+ different apps) set of API integrations you can find.

Airtable - A mix between a database and Excel, with connections to almost every app you can think of (through Zapier or Integromat).

Webflow - Build beautiful custom websites, without any code. Know how to work with Photoshop? You can build awesome websites that contain a CMS (Content Management System)!

My Channels

Blog - This blog.

Twitter - I think you know what Twitter is. Short, 280-character messages back and forth with others, publicly, on the web. I am sharing my blog posts as 'Links' there.

LinkedIn - This is a social media platform geared towards Professional life. I am sharing my articles as 'Posts' there currently.

Medium - A blogging platform. I republish my blogposts there for a different audience.

200 Words a Day / Cowriters - Republishing my articles there too. No images are possible, though.

The steps in detail

The full flow in Integromat. Super nice UI!

Retrieve last published Article from Webflow.

Search in an Airtable base (using the 'slug' as the unique ID) to see if the article has already been published and shared before.

Extract the Category-ID of the article from the Webflow-object and map it to the right Category.

Share the article on Twitter with a prefilled message. Think of max. length!

Share the article on LinkedIn as a 'Post', while including the subtitle as extra text.

Publish the article to 200WaD with the API of 200-Words-a-Day.

Retrieve the 200-Words-a-Day article URL (to save it in the next step).

Save all article data in a 'Published Posts' table in Airtable (part 1).

Save all article data in a 'Published Posts' table in Airtable (part 2).

Overview of Automation in Zapier. Zapier is very clear, speaks for itself mostly.

Publish the article on Medium with article data from Airtable. It takes a few tries to get the format right. But it is just HTML.

Closing thoughts

I just started using Integromat as one of my automation tools, and I love it so far. I found it a few years back, but it didn't have that many integrations yet (hence, I used Zapier exclusively for the last four years). But integromat has grown and improved a lot!

So I set out to challenge myself and set up the automation of publishing/sharing my blog posts entirely in Integromat (with supportive tools like Airtable and Webflow, of course).

Only one part of the process I couldn't get in Integromat, which is publishing to Medium. For that, you need to have a separate API-key from Medium (which I still have not received). Thus for that part of the process I used Zapier, which was easy peasy.

By the way, I know there are services out there that do this (publishing automation) for you. But I like to have control over the specific format and filters of my processes. Also, I very much like building these automation flows.

The flows are not perfect though. For example, I need to add the image source by hand on Medium.

What I still want to do is to add a flow where, when I update a post, it also updates on all channels I republished.

I genuinely hope you got some value out of this article. And if you have any input or tips for this automation specifically, please reach out! :)


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