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Content as a Service

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |


Good content will become more relevant and much more important for brands & businesses than it is today.

Easy peasy

Setting up a business with the essential parts of a website/app and a marketing campaign is an order of magnitude easier than ten years ago. And it might be another order of magnitude more accessible in the next ten years.

This ease of set up means there is an increasing stream of companies being created. And thus, a relevant question for founders is:

"How does my business differentiate from the multitude of others?"

I think one approach is to provide excellent content for your target audience.

Not just lots of content, because that is simpler to create. But great content, content that takes effort to create.

You see, hard work that cannot be faked means it is a great differentiator from the mass of startups that are unable to create it.

Be a Peacock

Beautiful peacock
Photo by Melanie Hughes

Like the peacock proves its fitness by having exceptional and beautiful feathers, a business demonstrates it is fit for service (and credible and authentic) by providing great content.

For a business, it means that creating content will become much more a core part of their operations than it is now. And founders are not necessarily prepared (or have the time) to create this content themselves. So they need someone to both manage and create the content delivery process.

This managing and creation of content lends itself to outsourcing it as a service, where both the content provider and the business in need of content thrive in a long term relationship. For the business, this longer-term relationship allows even better content to be created because the content provider forms a relationship with the company.

If this hypothesis is true, I expect to see more services in the coming years which will offer "Content as a Service."

What do you think?


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