Lessons From Writing And Publishing Daily For 14 days

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On the 23rd of October, I started a challenge to write (and lift weights) every day. Today is day 14, and to be a little META, I thought I'd write a bit about my writing and publishing process for those interested in it.

Pros and cons of publishing every day

My challenge, which I named #WriteLiftRepeat, does not entail posting every day, even though I have been doing that for the last two weeks straight. 

Posting a piece every day has some additional pros and cons involved than solely writing, though. 

So let's take a look at what those are.


  • New content on my blog and social channels every single day helps to drive traffic. 
  • Publishing every day forces me to keep my posts concise and relatively short (digestible).


  • Ideas that take a longer time to explain are challenging to write, edit, and publish in one day, especially with other (life/work) responsibilities going on.
  • On some topics, I have to do more research before I can write about them. Not being able to do that limits my current writing to issues I have already dug into or blog posts that are less extensive.
  • If what I write about each day has to be published the same day, I can't sleep a night on the post. Editing on a different day than the writing day usually results in a better editing outcome.
  • When I don't have a buffer, which I don't have now, for example, it's challenging to fit in writing on special days — like today, having a close relative come over from another country that I haven't seen in half a year. Finding time to write just before bedtime is a pain.

My plan for the coming few weeks

Since publishing every day is not one of the challenge rules, I'm now deciding I will post a little less. 

I will still write every day, though, for about the same amount (probably a bit more, because I publish fewer pieces in total). I will focus on fewer total posts. I think ~3 per week.

I hope I can go more in-depth into some topics that way. Also, I don't want to feel rushed to publish on weekend days (where most people are not paying attention to my blog).

At the moment I'm thinking of publishing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday is also an option. 

Anyone (you know) have direct experience with optimizing publishing days?
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