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Most popular LEAD posts

MindsetHow to Be More Confident

Habits are the "secret sauce" to help you become more confident. Nick Wignall talks about four in particular that can help you.

MindsetDo You Have Imposter Syndrome

My 16 Takeaways from Lex Fridman's AMA on Imposter Syndrome

Leadership28 Public speaking tips from Toastmasters

I joined Toastmasters. Here's what I learned.

Mindset"An eagle, you stupid!" - My 5-year-old son (Short story)

He's so hard on himself at those times, many times my son believes everything he's making is a failure because it's not like he imagines it is. Then he destroys it or throws it around the room. Which happened this time too.

LeadershipHow To Successfully Teach Online Using Your Personality

What's the easiest way to be a unique educator? Well, to be yourself, of course!

Leadership3 Reasons Why Writing Helps You Make Better Decisions

Your thoughts are not hindered by themselves; they don't get stuck in a loop. Writing helps to separate the concepts into different parts.

MindsetNatural Selection in Process Improvement

That's why successful entrepreneurs preach like gospel, "You have to fail forward." Meaning you should not be afraid to fail.

MindsetHow to Find The Most Important Asset in Your Life

"... to be woken up after 5 minutes from all the notifications on your phone—in your Mindfulness group-WhatsApp someone shared a drawing from their bullet journal— and all ten of you are expected to immediately send a 'Thumbs up!' or 'You're awesome!' emoji!"

HealthHow Taking Control of Your Health Increases Your Wealth

What I strive for is 'Wealth in the form of Time.' There is only one 'Me,' and if I don't take control of my time, someone else will.

ProductivityThe Ultimate Guide To Setting Personal Challenges

You can create challenges for yourself in all sorts of ways. Here I talk about good challenges that you can fit in your regular schedule.

Wealth10 Things I Learned From Talking to my Financial Advisor

So I went to Joe with the plan to have a short chat to get to know him. That small chat turned out to be a three-hour conversation!

ProductivityHow I assign time to a project for Stressless Productivity. 

We're busy. So busy, we feel stressed. Is there a way to do all the things we want to do in our 'busy-ness,' but without stress? I think so.

ProductivityWhy You Should look at Everything as a Process

Do you want to change or improve things in your life, business, or community? How is looking at all things as a process help? Let's find out!

ProductivityHow To Build Momentum in Life & Business

Like a flywheel, your life or business also captures energy that you can use to bring about change.

MindsetThe Robot and The Muse

As a creator, you want to create. To tell a Story. You have this urge in you that needs to bring to life a vision, a feeling, a message. No matter what else you do in life, this urge to create — this Muse — needs to express herself.

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