Jibran's Manifesto

Below I've written down my beliefs and resulting intent.

My beliefs

  • I believe life can be better for most human beings.
  • I believe a lot of our suffering is self-inflicted.
  • I believe a change in mindset can help alleviate most suffering.
  • I believe educational and inspirational media can help change people's minds.
  • I believe that some suffering can only be alleviated by the help of people who have it better.
  • I believe that creating better circumstances for one person does not mean that someone else's situation needs to worsen. I.e., I believe in positive-sum.
  • I believe digital products and media have at least an order of magnitude more impact than other technologies.
  • I believe that uniting technology and our humanity in innovative ways is our best chance of achieving a brighter future.
  • I believe that these innovative technologies, media, and insights will come from entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors.
  • I believe that entrepreneurs, creators, founders, artists, writers, engineers, and makers have the power and privilege to transform others' lives.
  • I believe these transformed lives create new passionate, and purposeful founders.
  • I believe that this positive feedback loop, this Flywheel that has been slowing down over the last 20 years, needs more momentum again.
  • I believe that innovative entrepreneurship is hard!
  • I believe that we can use every little bit of help possible.
  • I believe I have a unique and accidental combination of skills, experience, and passion for helping drive this Flywheel of humanity.

My intent

  • Therefore, I see it as my duty to help founders shape, grow, and lead purposeful (digital) technology, media, and education businesses.

Jibran el Bazi