Meaning-Making #22 — Lifechanging Ideas 💡 | Storytelling for Your Business 💭 | Garf's Law of Work 💼

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |

Hey, happy new year! 🎆

I know 2020 was rough for some of us, and 2021 may seem dire too.

My wish for you is that you'll be able to focus on the things you CAN control in your life.

So I think this New Year's saying from Ellen Goodman is good to keep in mind:

“Maybe this year… we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives not looking for flaws, but for potential.” – Ellen Goodman

What potential in your life DO you have control over? Focus on that. (And yes, this is also a message very much meant for myself! 😉)

This week I have curated three things for you. All with a high signal-to-noise ratio:

  1. An article about "Ideas That Changed My Life" (by Morgan Housel)
  2. Two storytelling frameworks for your business.
  3. Garf's Law of Work (How to get people to understand you and thus buy from you).

Read them and I promise you, you'll be able to apply some of it directly in your life or business.


💡 Ideas That Changed My Life (by Morgan Housel)

Here's one of my favorite articles by Morgan Housel on "Ideas That Changed My Life." He wrote the article because "You spend years trying to learn new stuff but then look back and realize that maybe like 10 big ideas truly changed how you think and drive most of what you believe."

It's an excellent article to read at the start of a new year.

Specifically, there are two ideas that I'd like to keep top of mind: one geared towards our society now, the other for if you're running or starting a business.

Idea 1️⃣ - Everyone belongs to a tribe and underestimates how influential that tribe is on their thinking.

"Tribes are as self-interested as people, encouraging ideas and narratives that promote their survival. But they're exponentially more influential than any single person. So tribes are very effective at promoting views that aren't analytical or rational, and people loyal to their tribes are very poor at realizing it."

Idea 2️⃣ - Sustainable sources of competitive advantage.

"This might be the most important topic in business and investing because luck is the only path to long-term success. The only truly sustainable sources of competitive advantage I know of are:

  • Learn faster than your competition.
  • Empathize with customers more than your competition.
  • Communicate more effectively than your competition.
  • Be willing to fail more than your competition.
  • Wait longer than your competition."

Read the other 8 ideas...

Two Storytelling frameworks for B2B 💭

Dave Gerhardt shared a short Twitter thread about two storytelling frameworks applicable to B2B.

One framework from Andy Raskin:

  1. Start with a big, undeniable change that creates stakes
  2. Name the enemy
  3. Tease the "Promised Land"
  4. Position capabilities as "magic" for slaying "monsters"
  5. Present your best evidence

And one from Donald Miller (from Storybrand).

  1. A character
  2. With a problem
  3. Meets a guide
  4. Who gives them a plan
  5. And calls them to action
  6. That sends in success
  7. That helps them avoid failure

A question to ask yourself: How can you apply these frameworks to your business?

Both Andy and Donald have helped countless big companies with their storytelling. Learn more about Andy or Donald here.

Garf's Law of Work 💼

Billy Broas wrote a concise and powerful article on why you need to do "the work" for your reader/listener (as the writer/talker).

I try to keep this rule in mind when I write, though laziness keeps me from applying it 100% of the time.

Here's the most important part:

""Billy, this is one of the most important lessons you'll learn from me during your year-long mentorship. So pay close attention."

"If you, as the copywriter, do the work for the reader..... meaning, if you do the work explaining what you have to offer, what it can do for the reader, and why they should choose you over a competitor... then you get paid. You get paid in the form of the reader taking out their credit card and paying you for your product.

But, if they have to do the work...

If the reader has to do the work of figuring out what you're offering, what it can do for them, and why they should choose you over a competitor.... they get paid. They get paid in the form of them keeping the money they were about to pay you for your product."

"Make sense?" Garf asked.

"Yep, makes total sense," I responded.""

My Blog 📄

Last time I said I'd talk a little more about plans for and this newsletter for the coming year.

For now, I'll share my Q1 plans:

  • I will write more centered around the idea of finding purpose and clarity in life. The angle? Actionable (non-fluff) How-To content.

Some of that I will obivously share in this newsletter, along with interesting insights I find along the way.

I also have the plan to post more about this on Twitter. So if you're interested in that, follow along!

Thanks for reading!

As always, if you have anything that you think is valuable, send it my way. I'll make sure to add it.

See you next week!



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