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Hi friends,

I read some great articles this week. All three are centered around communicating your value and purpose through (narrative) writing.

So if you run a business (website) or a (personal) blog, this could be very helpful to you! I'll give you a summary and the URLs below.

Apart from that, I also wrote a list-post on journaling prompts for helping you to journal (daily) more easily. Check it out.​

Ok, let's go!

​How to find "Intent Gaps" in Google​

(by Ryan Law)

Ryan (a great content marketeer and writer) wrote a post contrarian to what many people assume about Google search. Many assume that "Google knows best."

For anyone familiar with SEO writing, you know that the status quo is to research what the SERP's (search engine results page) show for a given keyword and then write something similar but more complete or better.

But this is assuming Google shows all the best answers to a given query, which is not always the case.

The two illustrations below show some of what Ryan explains in detail in his article:

Assumption vs Reality
Intent gaps

Please do read the article if you like to write some more unique content vs. only what Google shows you.

​Landing pages that convert​

(by Harry Dry)

Confession: I read everything Harry writes on his Marketing Examples newsletter/website.

Harry spends a lot of time researching marketing sub-topics and then writes short and visualization-rich content to educate you.

This time Harry made a short but oh-so powerful guide on creating landing pages that convert.

Here are two sneak peeks:

Point points to focus on
Value + hook

(re-)designing your landing pages? See the guide!​

​Use Storytelling to Explain Your Purpose​

(by John Coleman)


"Storytelling can be awkward and unfamiliar to many professionals, particularly if you're sharing personal experiences. Yet the motivation for this storytelling is not self-aggrandizement, but to create a purpose and culture that others can share. Purpose is what builds real passion, motivation, and buy-in for the stakeholders of any organization. And it can be articulated by leaders who've learned to tell their stories and the stories of the organizations, people, and causes they serve."


I can only agree with John here.

As human beings, we evolved to be moved by the stories we hear. A story that hits our heartstrings will motivate us to take action (even if we tell the story only to ourselves). It is no wonder that all the great religions, political parties, businesses, and organizations rise and fall based on the narratives around them.

Now whether you know it or not, there is a story (or more) being told around you, your brand, and your business. It's up to you to help shape that public narrative in a way that aligns it with what you want out of your life or your business.

  • You have a business that helps organizations to increase employee fitness? - Tell a moving story about how many life years you helped add to the companies' employees.
  • You have a consulting business where you help small businesses optimize their processes? - Tell a story about how company X improved its processes and got their employees to be home an hour earlier with their family (for example).

Most important is that you tell an authentic story, a story that speaks YOU or your company's story. A story that people immediately relate to.

Anyway, John does a terrific job of explaining the importance of public narrative. Do check it out!​

​33 Journal Prompts for Self-love, Self-discovery, and Self-improvement​

(by me)

I (try to) journal every day. I mostly do Morning Pages, a stream-of-consciousness way of writing that helps to get out of your head.

But I also like to give myself prompts to write on. These prompts are especially helpful when I'm feeling a bit numb/lackluster.

So I thought I'd share 33 journaling prompts, 11 each for different sub-journaling goals.

  • 11 on self-love
  • 11 on self-discovery
  • 11 on self-improvement

If you're into (or want to get into) journaling, I highly recommend you take a look.​

Ok, that's it for this week. A little longer than I planned, but I think there are great nuggets in there. Anyway, thanks for reading!



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