Meaning-Making #26 β€” πŸ’š Unconditional Self-worth | πŸ“΄ Personal Digital Reset | 🎀 The Creator Economy

written by JIBRANΒ ELΒ BAZI |

Hey Friends,

I have four interesting pieces to share with you this issue:

  1. πŸ’š Unconditional Self-worth
  2. πŸ“΄ Personal Digital Reset
  3. 🎀 The Creator Economy
  4. 🌍 ~2 Billion Inhabitale Planets (in our galaxy) O_O

Let's go!

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How to cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth

(by Adia Gooden)

Adia wrote a compelling article about how to cultivate your self-worth. She tells about how she didn't value herself and how this caused her to make unhealthy/bad choices in life. Below there are two snippets from the article that I resonated with:

"Whatever the cause, for many of us our self-worth is tied to our accomplishments and possessions. As soon as we fail or lose approval, we experience low self-worth."

I've certainly experienced this (and still do to some extent). It's so much easier to accept yourself when others accept you. And in my experience, others will accept you more eagerly when you accomplish something.

That's the nature of human relationships.

Though it does not mean you should tie your self-worth to what others think of you because, as Adia says, it can result in pretty crappy behavior.

A second reason why people have low self-worth, Adia explains, is that people think that they won't grow if they are too satisfied with themselves.

I'm also guilty of this, as are many other ambitious people.

Adia also had a Ted Talk about the same subject. So if you struggle with self-worth or self-love, I'd recommend you check out her article or talk.

A Personal Digital Reset

(by Anil Dash)

I've been trying to throttle my (social) media consumption for a while (I'm on a Twitter break, for example, helping immensely with improving my focus). In this article, Anil aptly defines a few principles and ways to do a 'digital reset.'

Three principles he mentions:

  1. Only consume intentional information.
  2. App defaults are designed for the companies that make them, not for users.
  3. You aren't gonna need it (you have FOMO).

After that, he goes into how you can reset or throttle your online interactions with specific examples for various media and software. Worth a read if you, like me, feel you are online too much.

The Middle Class of The Creator Economy

(by Li Jin)

I came across Li's Twitter a little over a year ago, where I immediately resonated with her view of the future of (online) work. I.e., the passion/creator economy.

It essentially means this: "More people are leveraging digital platforms to make a living doing what they love."

Etsy is an excellent example of a platform like this. But so is writing a paid newsletter on Substack, or creating a course on Teachable.

Li tries to help creators understand what platforms they can use to help make money doing what they love.

She recently did a podcast interview with Courtland Allen from Indiehackers. I highly recommend you listen to it if you're working in the space (as an entrepreneur, content creator, creative, etc.).

She sees a new 'middle class' emerge in the creator economy. On most creator platforms, just a small subset of the creators get the majority of the (monetary) benefits. But she argues you can 'diversify' into multiple channels (say, a podcast with sponsorship + a paid newsletter + ad revenue + an ebook).

I'm curious on how this space evolves!

There are ~2 billion planets in just our galaxy that could harbor life 🀯

"NASA's ultimate goal for the telescope was to work out a figure known as eta-Earth, or Ξ·βŠ•. This is the average number of rocky, roughly Earth-size planets that can be found orbiting an average sunlike star at a distance that might, conceivably, render them habitable. After spending two years analyzing the data from Kepler, researchers recently concluded that Ξ·βŠ• has a value somewhere between .37 and .6. Since there are at least four billion sunlike stars in the Milky Way, this means that somewhere between 1.5 billion and 2.4 billion planets in our galaxy could, in theory, harbor life." - The New Yorker

I knew there were a bunch of potentially life-harboring planets. But I was astounded by the large number of them!

The New Yorker has a good story where they mentioned this fact. The story is about Oumuamua, an unidentified interstellar object that flew past earth in 2017. If you want to dream a little about the possibilities of life beyond earth, I highly recommend you read it.

Personal Joy

Oh, and here is a photo of my son having fun in the snow.

Just because. πŸ˜‰

We have a tradition (from when I was a child myself) where we run on our bare feet to the end of the garden and back on the first snow of the season.

My son went five times because he was so excited, haha!

That's it! As always, send me questions, interesting content, or your products/website. I'll have a look and may share it in the next issue.

See you in two weeks!



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