Meaning-Making #30 — Aim Yourself 🎯, My Content Creation Process ✍, 1st Time Podcast Guest 🎤, Good Taste 🎨, Christian Mythology ✝

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |

Hey! This week I believe I have something interesting for each of you:

  • My thoughts on finding purpose based on a snippet from "12 Rules for Life."
  • A look into my content creation process.
  • A clip from Ira Glass on having Good Taste (and falling short).
  • My first time as a podcast guest.
  • A short video with a thought on some Christian mythology.

So skip right ahead to what interests you. Enjoy!

Purpose follows action

"You cannot aim yourself at anything if you are completely undisciplined and untutored. You will not know what to target, and you won't fly straight, even if you somehow get your aim right. And then you will conclude, "There is nothing to aim for." And then you will be lost." (Snippet from p. 102 "12 Rules for life" - Jordan B. Peterson)

I agree with Peterson here. For far too long, I tried to look for purpose in my life so that I could "finally take action." I only found out through trial and error that it was the other way around.

I first had to take action to find what I wanted out of life.

If you don't take action and only read, consume, and observe, you may conclude everything is the same, i.e., "I can do everything or nothing; it doesn't matter."

This paralyzes you; it's the opposite of taking action.

Yes, taking action means you'll bump your head a thousand times, but you'll at least learn what you do want to do and don't want to do.

You'll find out what gives you energy and what makes you feel empty inside.

But to take consistent action, you need discipline. Discipline because in the beginning, everything seems fun and keeps you doing the thing.

But that thing gets boring after a while. That's the moment you need to push through, at least for a bit. If you have someone to tutor and coach you, it helps you do all that faster.

With discipline and (hopefully) some mentorship, you will take action and eventually know what to aim for.

A high-level view of my content creation process

Okay, I got lots of ideas that I could all make into articles, videos, or even books. (If/when I have the time, discipline, and confidence, yada yada, haha.)

To streamline this content creation (and reduce the threshold for me to take action) I use a content pipeline/process which I roughly outline below.

Much of my raw ideas go into Roamresearch. (I use it as a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) tool.)

In it I lay out the research I do and also make the outline. Here's last week's article as an example:

I ❤ RoamResearch

And here's a "graph view" of my whole Roam database:

lots of connections, like a 2nd brain

Some of my more fleshed-out ideas, the ones that I also put into Roam as seperate "pages," go into an Airtable database. (Oh, how I love Airtable! I use it for many things that need a mix between spreadsheets and databases. Habit tracking, forms with calculations, content pipelines, you name it.)

I use different "views" in Airtable. Views like Kanban boards, a spreadsheet-style overview, a calendar, etc. Here is a "grid view" of some of my data fields:

peek into my content database

And here are the field "types" I'm using:

lots of fields
lots more...

As you can see, it's getting pretty comprehensive. (I don't need to fill out every field for each item btw, not planning for planning's sake.)

Airtable also enables you to add "apps" that do specific things, like make these cards for each item in the database:

card view

I printed some of these cards and then put them on a "ternary plot" (difficult word for a 3D overview on a flat surface) on my magnetic whiteboard.


To see how each of my content pieces for the upcoming months cluster together based on three topics (Self-discovery, Healing Yourself, Finding a Purpose).

clustering emerges

Maybe I'll go deeper into this once more in the future. But it's not where I want to put most of my focus. (Though if it helps you produce more/better creative output, let me know, then I'll put it higher on the list.)

My conversation with Reddy

I had my first public conversation on someone else's podcast. It's with Reddy (@reddy2go on Twitter), who I met during an "Inter Intellect Salon" with Visakan. I had a lot of fun in our conversation, although I was a little nervous 😉! It's a short chat (9 minutes) where I talk a bit about what I'm about (Becoming your True Self, discovering your Purpose).

Reddy is such a nice guy for asking and hosting me. Easy going, open and playful (helping people being playful is his thing)!

Let me know what you think (and what I can do better)!

My conversation with Reddy

Check out my 1st guest appearance on Reddy's podcast

Ira Glass on having Good Taste

TLDR: Even if you’re not making your best work yet, you’ll get there if you have good taste and just keep producing stuff.

Ira speaking also made me think a lot about Steven Pressfield and his books “The War of Art” and “Do The Work” wherein he argues that every creative person needs to fight “resistance” (read: fear) on a daily basis to keep producing his/her work.

A short video on Christian mythology

During a recent run, I had this weird idea about Peter at the gates of Heaven. I thought, "why not record it now?" So in the video, I'm a little out of breath, and it's very short. But maybe it's an intriguing thought that sparks something in you to think about (if you do, I'd love to hear it!). Hint: it's about regret, sin, and you being Peter...

What am I consuming?

Still the two books I mentioned last time (12 rules for Life and Understanding the Self).

Also, a lecture series from John Vervaeke on finding meaning in life (with lots of psychology, philosophy, and history in there):

Ok, I think that's enough! Lot's of stuff in here and I don't want to overwhelm you (but I do want to deliver, since last time you had to wait so long). 😁

If you saw anything you liked, let me know, I'll do more of that!



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