Meaning-Making #31 — Reignite | Human Connection | How to Come into Being

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |

Hey friends, I'm back! How have you been?

I've been away for a while, soul-searching as well as catching up to family life where my wife found a new full-time director job (so now I'm more at home with our kids), and I got a new part-time job as well (at a cool startup that helps health and education professionals in their work through an educational app).

Today I have three topics for you:

  1. the future of this newsletter.
  2. spilling my most inner thoughts on a podcast.
  3. an experimental article I wrote for a nerdy writing challenge.


Reigniting this newsletter

Ok, first up, I will definitely share some of the insights of my soul-searching in coming issues of Meaning-Making (now this newsletter finally has a real name other than just "Jibran") since some of it covers topics that I write about. But for now, as it relates to my writing, I finally have a clear vision of my main talking point that I want to share with you: become your true self.

What do I mean with "Become Your True Self"?

From my blog:

A life where you are (re)connected with who you really are. A life where you have clarity on what you want out of life and what you can offer the world. A life where you can be in a state of peace and live in harmony with yourself and others.

Within this "message," where I essentially hope to share how I think we can live well, I feel there are three pillars that help to achieve that goal.

  1. Understanding Yourself - How do you find clarity on who you are and what you want out of life?
  2. Taking Charge of Your Life - How do you pursue your purpose while living a balanced life?
  3. Passing on The Torch - How do you help and connect with others to bring out their best & true self?

These three pillars are each composed of three themes (see diagram below) and starting January 9th I'll be publishing two pieces of content each week (of which this Meaning-Making newsletter is one piece that is going out every other week). With close to 300 talking points in my notes on these themes I'm not worried about running out anytime soon, haha!

Human Connection

This has been the most open about my life and thoughts that I have been in public. The main topic we discussed is Human Connection.

Eyal asked me about my experiences with connecting to others and myself. Among other things, I retell how my wife and I met and how I struggled with connection and trust in life. But, above all, we talked about the horrible ordeal of our daughter being born with a minuscule possibility to live and how human connection helped to save her.

This was on Eyal's podcast, Deep Dive. Eyal is an amiable and open host and has hosted interesting folks like Daniel Vassallo (top Gumroad seller) and Visakan Veerasamy (prolific Twitterer).

I'm thrilled to share this and proud to have done this. It really felt like a moment of catharsis. I hope you like it as well!

Here are links to different podcast platforms so you can choose your preferred channel: Apple / Spotify / Overcast / Eyal's Website

How To Come Into Being

"Galactic Blacksmith" by Brandon Moore & George RedHawk

Last week I wrote a small piece for a writing contest of the Inter Intellect, a community of armchair philosophers you could say, haha (of which I am also a member btw).

I didn't get the 1st place, but did get close! I had a lot of fun writing something a bit different than normal. For this piece I tried to combine some story/fiction with my main message (become your true self) and non-fiction. Here's the intro and a link to the full text:

"So here you are, I created you, moulded you, shaped you on the anvil of existence. You’re conscious, yes, but do you know who you truly are? Have you figured it out yet? - of how to become your true self - so you can fully come into Being. I will wait for you to be ready of course, time is not something I need to worry about. But perhaps I can aid you in your journey, even if it’s just a little bit, as eventually, we will be united in the light. After all, you are me."

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About jibran el bazi

Hey I'm Jibran, I'm here to learn, to play, and to connect with other meaning-makers. I write to seek understanding and to help others to become their true selves. I often start my writing with a question in one of the below themes:

🧭 Understand yourself - "How do you find clarity on who you are and what you want out of life?"

Take charge of your life - "How do you pursue your purpose while living a balanced life?"

Pass on the torch - "How do you best help others to become their True Self?"

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