How To Successfully Teach Online Using Your Personality

How To Successfully Teach Online Using Your Personality
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If you have access to the internet, creating any type of content is so easy. You can blurt out an ungodly amount of words, audio, and video in no time.

Others are doing so too.

But the one thing we don't have more of is time.

So, each piece of content that comes into the world is competing for that same piece of real estate, time.

If you have an interesting piece of information, something that is educational, entertaining, or inspirational, then people may pay attention (and pay you!).

But what if that information is not unique? Like explaining the equations of thermodynamics? These facts won't change from one piece of content to the other.

What does differ, however, is who presents the info.

You see, when you look at everyone as an educator, anyone can try and explain something. And for some people, individual personalities are just the right fit for them (to accept teachings of).

What's the easiest way to be a unique educator? Well, to be yourself, of course!

Copying others won't get you very far.

I mean, you can take some best practices here and there, but you won't ever be able to copy their genuine personality, so don't even try.

Just be yourself, and you'll be interesting enough.

Then you continue becoming a better you. Looking only to your past self to see if you have improved. (And you will!)

Now go out and create some awesome educational stuff, keep it up, and you'll be an inspirational, influential educator in no time.

An extra point I'd like to make by the way:

Don't worry about everybody's courses that have already been published in all kinds of subjects.

You see, there isn't a lot of 'Live' education going on online yet.

There is an untapped need there.

There are courses and webinars enough, yes. But all those are static.

The best learning happens LIVE. It occurs in a social setting.

So if you go about and create an audience around yourself (as a teacher), you'll see you can hook the right people that fit with your teaching style.

It's not easy, but it is simple.

Now, stop making excuses and make some quality educational (live) content! 😉

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