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Online teachers of the future need to leverage their personalities to make money.

What's the easiest way to be a unique educator? Well, to be yourself, of course!

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3 Reasons Why Writing Helps You Make Better Decisions

Your thoughts are not hindered by themselves; they don't get stuck in a loop. Writing helps to separate the concepts into different parts.

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Content as a Service

Good content is both more relevant and will become still more important for brands & businesses than it is today.

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My favourites

How to Finally Find The Most Important Asset in Your Life (that you neglected).

"... to be woken up after 5 minutes from all the notifications on your phone—in your Mindfulness group-WhatsApp someone shared a drawing from their bullet journal— and all ten of you are expected to immediately send a 'Thumbs up!' or 'You're awesome!' emoji!"

Personal Growth
10 Things I Learned From Talking to my Financial Advisor - And no, it was not Financial Advice.

So I went to Joe with the plan to have a short chat to get to know him. That small chat turned out to be a three-hour conversation! It was a beautiful hot summer day in August. So I came by bike, which turned out to be a great choice because, after I left, I rode my bike for an hour to reflect on the advice Joe gave me.

Why 'Product/Market Fit' for your startup idea is not enough (and how to solve it).

So, you found 'Product/Market Fit' for your startup idea. You feel all fine and dandy. On top of the world even.“Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.” - Marc Andreessen

The Robot and The Muse

As a creator, you want to create. To tell a Story. You have this urge in you that needs to bring to life a vision, a feeling, a message. No matter what else you do in life, this urge to create — this Muse — needs to express herself.

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