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Hi, I'm Jibran el Bazi

I’m the writer of this blog, and I’m passionate about helping creative people—writers, performing artists, designers, Youtubers, woodworkers, you name it—unlock their potential.

I believe that following your urge to create is, first and foremost, a decision to matter. It’s deciding that you have something to share that is valuable. That the lens through which you look at the world is adding something.

I want to help you tap that creative potential so you can bring your creative work into the world.

I write and teach about creativity—figuring out your story, overcoming limiting beliefs, doing the work, creating together—mostly through this blog. But also in 1-on-1 sessions and through public conversations.

I’ve struggled for a long time myself to find my authentic voice, to overcome resistance and my limiting beliefs (and it still is a constant battle). The things that helped me—the questions I dared to ask—can be of as much value to me as to you. So I’m discussing the questions and answers that, from experience, lead to a more creative life.

You can also scroll through my blog or connect with me directly on Twitter.



What others think about my writing

"Beautiful writing! Grateful to know you, grateful to walk side by side."

Rick Benger

Storyteller, Writer, Founder

"Beautiful, Jibran, esp dig the 'Jibran-mask.'"

Alex Olshonsky

Somatic coach & Writer of Deep Fix

"Definitely scrolled through this one, loved it!"



Explore the different pillars of crafting a meaningful life

Whether you're trying to find your voice, change your mindset, work on your creative practice, or wanting to connect more with others; I have something for you.

  • Find your authentic voice

    Be curious and understand yourself so you can tell your unique story.

    Explore curiosity
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs

    Be brave and build the confidence to put yourself out there.

    Explore courage
  • Do your creative work

    Apply yourself to your craft and grow your creative practice or business.

    Explore craft
  • Create together

    Share what you know and show up as yourself to connect to others.

    Explore connection