Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming your limiting beliefs takes courage.

Below are a few questions you might try to answer to help you surface what's holding you back mentally.

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Overcoming your limiting beliefs takes courage.

What are you avoiding?

There is likely something in your life which you are avoiding. Sometimes you can avoid something for a long time, but things that really need a confrontation will come back to bite you if you keep avoiding them. Think unresolved trauma or an action you took that doesn’t sit well with you. You might try to see in what ways you can make it easier to confront that thing, so you won’t have an excuse to avoid it anymore.

What do you focus on?

You’ve probably noticed that when you focus on something, you’ll attract more of it. Whether it was a certain way of behaving in your teens or the things you share as a professional in your work right now, you get back what you put out. This holds for both positive and negative things, so do and share more of what you want to see in your life. If you’re trustworthy, others will be more trustful of you, for instance.

What healthy constraints can you give yourself?

When you give yourself healthy constraints you can more easily let your creativity work for you. When literally all options are open, you’ll be paralyzed with too much choice. You won’t be able to stop overthinking when you leave all options open. But if you constrain yourself in some aspects, your creativity will solely surface highly relevant options. In turn, you’ll get to what you want much faster and in a more clear way. This takes responsibility though because you need to choose to constrain yourself, which is very difficult for most people to do.

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5 Ways You Can Deal With the Fear of Failure
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

When you stop resisting the fear—let it pass over you and through you—you'll come to find that there is nothing left but you. You're letting your subconscious know that it's OK to feel the fear. It's like saying to yourself, "See? You let it flow through you, but nothing bad happened!"


What I strive for is 'Wealth in the form of Time.' There is only one 'Me,' and if I don't take control of my time, someone else will.


Negative visualization is something I was forced to practice 4 years ago when my wife and I had our baby girl. Epictetus's example was all too real for us: “In the very act of kissing the child, we should silently reflect on the possibility that she will die tomorrow.”

Do You Have Imposter Syndrome
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

My 16 Takeaways from Lex Fridman's AMA on Imposter Syndrome


He's so hard on himself at those times, many times my son believes everything he's making is a failure because it's not like he imagines it is. Then he destroys it or throws it around the room. Which happened this time too.

The Robot and The Muse
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

As a creator, you want to create. To tell a Story. You have this urge in you that needs to bring to life a vision, a feeling, a message. No matter what else you do in life, this urge to create — this Muse — needs to express herself.

How to Be More Confident
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Habits are the "secret sauce" to help you become more confident. Nick Wignall talks about four in particular that can help you.

Journaling prompts for self-love.
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Here are 11 Journaling prompts for self-love.

You Do Matter
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

You're right, it is all meaningless- in a sense. Just like a single molecule or a rock, we humans mean nothing to the universe at large. We are so insignificant that it can be the most depressing thing you can think of. But there is hope.


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