How Taking Control of Your Health Increases Your Wealth

How Taking Control of Your Health Increases Your Wealth
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Defined by the 'Cambridge Dictionary' as "a large amount of money or valuable possessions that someone has."

While wealth in the form of money can have a significant impact on someone's life, I think we can define wealth in a different, better way.

We can define it as 'Time.'

More specifically: "the amount of time someone has available to spend how they see fit."

With large sums of money, you may be able to buy time. So wealth[money] is often a proxy for wealth[time]. But this is not always the case. You only have to look at some celebrities or successful (in the money sense) entrepreneurs to see that not everyone can choose how to spend their time. Think of Jeff Bezos, one of the wealthiest people alive; able to spend a fortune, but still stuck to schedules that are not his own.

What I strive for is wealth in the form of time. I want to maximize the 'free-to-spend-by-me' time. There is only one 'Me,' and if I don't take control of my time, someone else will.

From here on out, I will talk about wealth in the form of TIME.

So how can you increase your wealth? Glad you asked!

Many ways. But in this article, I will only cover one, which is Health.


Your health is by far the most significant factor in increasing your wealth.

I will show you why health is the largest driver for your wealth. But first, let us define it, shall we?

Health "the condition of the body or mind and the degree to which it is free from illness, or the state of being well." - by Cambridge Dictionary

Essentially, good health is a condition of body and mind for which we want to strive.

'Good' is different for everyone, though. But I assume you can think about what 'good health' means to you. For me, it is feeling relaxed, full of potential energy, fulfilled, strong, and content, and all while having a clear and focussed mind.

How does Health impact your Wealth?

Direct wealth from health

  • Better health is longer life, thus more wealth(time).
  • In turn, a longer life allows you to make more long term decisions (which usually have a significantly better impact).
  • Better decisions give you more wealth (both time and money).

Indirect wealth from health

More 'Alive-time'

  • Better health equals feeling better
  • Feeling better is more "Alive-time," as Robert Greene calls it.
  • More alive-time is more wealth(time). 

Less work to do

  • Better health is a more clear mind.
  • A clear mind allows for better learning.
  • Better learning allows for better skills/knowledge.
  • Better skills/knowledge can be sold for more $ per hour.
  • More pay per hour is less work to sustain your lifestyle.
  • Less work is more wealth(time) for yourself.

Better able to leverage other people's time

  • Better health is more positivity and attention to others.
  • More positivity/attention to others equals a positive impact on the people around you.
  • People around you feeling better gives them alive-time and health.
  • People around you being healthier will make them wealthier.
  • Your network being wealthier supports your health, and thus wealth. (these last two are a very nice positive feedback loop)
The process of getting healthier and thereby, wealthier is a positive spiral.

What habits or actions do you have that provide you health benefits? I'm interested to know! 😁

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