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Do You Have Imposter Syndrome

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |

Here are my takeaways from Lex's AMA 👇

16 Tips coming up! 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  2. Envy comes from comparing yourself.
  3. Promote others, share other people's stuff.
  4. Be happy for others.
  5. Feel joy for other people's success.*
  6. Seeing other people succeed can enable you to think, "Wow, this is really possible!" 
  7. We're all human. Be inspired. 
  8. Pave your own path. It's not a race with others. 
  9. Think about how your path will look like. How ill you 'pave' it?
  10. The process of finding how far you can go (in your creative endeavors) is part of suffering and part excitement. 
  11. Curiosity about your own path enables you to ignore other people's paths. 
  12. Believe you are the best person for YOUR path.
  13. Being self-critical is a superpower AND a poison. 
  14. Gratitude is the antidote to the poison. 
  15. Gratitude is essential for life. 
  16. Have gratitude "in the moment." Use it as fuel and inspiration.

* (Bonus tip from me: You can see this joy from someone else as a tiny part of the universe (the person) enjoying itself. And this grand universe (simulation) where you are as much a part of is, therefore, happier!)

Check out Lex's full AMA 👇


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