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Show up as yourself and help other to do so as well

Everyone is a teacher and everyone has something to give to someone else. When you show up as yourself and are open to others, you can create things together which are more than the sum of their parts. Serving others through your creative practice is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

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Show up as yourself and help other to do so as well

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For a secondary channel, pick just one. This channel will be where you immerse yourself in a community, where you will post content daily.


What others think about my writing

"Beautiful writing! Grateful to know you, grateful to walk side by side."

Rick Benger

Storyteller, Writer, Founder

"Enjoyed this thoroughly Jibran. You have a gift for evocative storytelling. What a whimsical and endearing adventure! The anvil is a wonderful protagonist with a charm of its own!"

Josh Pillay

Writer of Wait! Just Listen

"Beautiful, Jibran, esp dig the 'Jibran-mask.'"

Alex Olshonsky

Somatic coach & Writer of Deep Fix