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Write Lift Repeat

written by JIBRAN EL BAZI |




Every day I write. Every day I lift weights. The next day I repeat.

Simple as that.

My struggles with both sporadic writing and weightlifting frustrates me to no end. So I am going to try and use some social pressure as a kick in the butt.

My goals are to Write and Lift weights every day, for 10 weeks. During which I will monitor the words written and weight lifted.

Also, some other metrics might be cool to check out:

On the writing end:

  • blog subscribers
  • words written
  • visitors on my blog

On the lifting end:

  • weight lifted in volume
  • strength (max weight I can lift)
  • lean body mass increase 

But the coolest thing I hope to bring into motion is something beyond my writing and my body.

I hope you find this a cool challenge also! Maybe not necessarily lifting weights, but running, or singing or practicing another hobby.

I really hope (and feel) others can benefit from group support in doing a challenge like this.

So that's why I call this challenge '#WriteXRepeat.'

You fill in the blank ('X') with something you want to do. Something like:

  • #WriteLiftRepeat (what I am going to do)
  • #WriteRunRepeat
  • #WriteSingRepeat
  • #WriteComposeRepeat
  • #WriteSleepRepeat (for you folks that never go to bed on time ;) )
  • #WriteBikeRepeat
  • #WriteVeganRepeat
  • #WriteKetoRepeat
  • etc.

Now 10 weeks may be too long for you. So you could start with 30 days. No matter, just commit to something you feel is possible to complete. 

The end goal is the least important. Just showing up every day is what is most important.

Now, I have some ideas to get people involved. For example:

  • #NaNoWriMo is coming up. (This would be a tremendous, supportive habit, since doing some sports is excellent for clearing the mind before or after writing.)
  • #200WaD. The 200 words a day community is focussed on writing every day. The people are great at it, and maybe they can leverage their writing habit to get more fit or do something else that adds value to their life.
  • Twitter. Twitter is mostly the written word already. And there are many people writing there every day. It would be a nice incentive for people already there to write some longer threads on what they know or learned in life. While at the same time getting off of Twitter to do some physical activity.

I will formally start my challenge coming Wednesday, October 23d, 2019. In the coming days, I will try and spread the word and see if some others want to join. 

Template sheet

Here is the sheet I promised! -->

I highly recommend you copy the sheet and change it to your liking.

Example sheet
The info in there now is just placeholder by the way. On the 23rd I will start filling it out with real results! :)
Also a simple chart

A few ideas I have on making this bigger if it sticks with others:

  • Get a website up and running with info on the specifics of the challenge.
  • Create a tool that sends you a printable PDF with your unique ('create-your-own-adventure') challenge. Where you can check the boxes of each task each day.
  • Make a platform where challenge-takers can log and share their own streaks/milestones.

Now I'm thinking of a nice format in which I can share my daily goals and results. Something that fits in a Tweet. It could be just text (simplest) with a hashtag or an image (using Canva or such).

Anyway, I would love your ideas on this! And most importantly:

Do you want to join the Challenge of #WriteXRepeat?! :D


Jibran :)

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Write. Lift. Repeat. Every day I write. Every day I lift weights. The next day I repeat. Simple as that. #WriteLiftRepeat. Of course you can do something different than lifting weights. Like running, keto-diet, cooking, sleeping well, etc. Want to join the Challenge of #WriteXRepeat?


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