28 Public speaking tips from Toastmasters

28 Public speaking tips from Toastmasters
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Why did I go to Toastmasters?

I've always been a bit boring in my speaking. Even after being a teacher for 6 years in my previous careerpath, I still have a hard time not being a monotone speaker.

So that's why I decided to attend a Toastmasters meetup.

I had the idea for a while but didn't get around to it (yes, yes I know, excuses).

Anyway, I went, and it was great! I learned a TON! So why not share it with you?

Here's a list of the things I picked up during the event.

How to not be a boring speaker! Tips! 👇

  1. If possible, be well prepared.
  2. See an impromptu speech as an opportunity.
  3. Take pauses during your speaking.
  4. Look people in the eye.
  5. Speak in a relaxed tone.
  6. Tell a story.
  7. Speak about what you felt.
  8. Conclude with a lesson or a compelling message.
  9. Use vocal variety.
  10. Be energetic.
  11. Don't put too much information into your story.
  12. Give compliments plentifully.
  13. Don't put your hands in your pants.
  14. Don't walk around too much, but also not too little.
  15. Refrain from saying "eh" or "ah" between sentences.
  16. Try to feel confident.
  17. Use humor.
  18. Pronounce words clearly, especially when using complex words.
  19. Don't use too much jargon.
  20. Speak with intent behind each word/phrase.
  21. Don't end all your questions with a question mark.
  22. Don't ask too many questions.
  23. Choose an interesting topic if possible.
  24. Use repetition of important phrases or talking points.
  25. Take time before you start talking when you need time to think.
  26. Try to pick a story that is not only focusing on yourself, but is relevant to your listeners too.
  27. When you are offered a specific (fictional) topic, take a few moments to outline the story in your head.
  28. Before telling an impromptu story, keep the end in mind,. You mind finds a way by itself to get to it during your talking.

When I learn more from future events I'll update this list. So make sure to bookmark it! ;)

- Updated with 3 more on August 6th 2020


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